We are experts and specialists in maintaining leather products with the best quality and high professionalism

About Us

A facility interested in investment in public services sector with a high professionalism and global standards to upgrade the quality of services provided to all segments of society in conformity with Vision 2030.

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What Makes Us Different ?

We provide the services of maintaining shoes and bags of all kinds at a high quality and professionalism. We use the best equipment for these purposes, and have highly experienced competencies

How We Work ?

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Our Services

We care about every detail.

Maintaining and repairing shoes

We care about the smallest details which restore the spirit to shoes and renew them or improve their state in general. Our maintenance workers are specialists in small repairs like sewing torn shoes as well as changing the external and internal shoes base or the original color of the shoes.

Repairing women bags

Repairing women bags

At Leather Mate, we provide more than just repairing shoes, we can also repair women bags like changing the zipper, repairing bag lining, re-embroidering, and removing stains. We are also glad to offer the service of travel bags like changing the frames, covers, changing and repairing handles, re-sewing the lining and the external structure of leather and duffel bags

Repairing and renewing leather products

Repairing and renewing leather products

At Leather Mate, we have special care products for leather products, where they renew and restore luster as well as cleaning them, removing stains, and renewing their dye. We also glad to offer the service of cleaning the leather with steam for deep cleaning and removing tough stains. We, at Leather Mate, use leather protection products to avoid cracks and protecting leather products during storage. We also use steam for some leathers for deep cleaning as well as using some special materials for leather which brings it back to its new state.

Changing bags zippers

Changing bags zippers

We, at Leather Mate, use special sewing equipment for professional sewing purposes and leather crafts, whereby it needs experience and proficiency to give satisfied results in form and content. We have wide collection from bags' zippers with various colors that are suitable for all tastes and ready to install or replace with a very high quality to get the bag back as it was or better.‎

Practice your daily sport with confidence with Leather Mate

We provide a service of washing and drying sport shoes using special machines, and we sterilize them against bacteria and fungi. We also offer Perfuming and deodorizing service .

Why Leather Mate?

We always seek to be the first choice for those who wants to renew and repair leather products, and restore their luster and quality with a job well done of a team of local experts using the finest modern machines.

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